Emtee challenges Ambitiouz Entertainment founder into a boxing match


Emtee’s beef with Ambitiouz Entertainment record label is long overdue, and he’s able to settle.

From claims of collecting his 2 Mercedes Benz after departing the label in 2019, to revealing that he wasn’t given all the awards won.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the rapper says the sole thanks to recover from the meat and hate against the label is to possess a match with the founder, Kgosi Mahumapelo.

Emtee says after seeing the sunshine , he departed the label, as they need dragged his name within the mud, and re-branded him in such how that folks perceive him to be a junkie , rather than an idea to younger generation.

“I’d wish to consider myself as a gospel rapper because I motivate youngsters, but all of a sudden I’m a junkie .”

The father of two also disclosed how Kgosi urged him to go away all his friends, Sjava, Ruff and Saudi, which has affected the great relationship he had with a number of his friends.

However, to urge over all the hate he has towards the label and her founder, Emtee says he’s challenging Kgosi to a match and therefore the winner will get the cash , trophy and apology.

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