Many South African celebrities voice out on the killing of 16-year-old boy


One of which is Pearl Thusi and Boity Thulo who express sadness towards the incident.

It was reported that a 16-year-old mongolism boy was recently killed.

It is alleged that the boy, Nathaniel Julius had left to eat a cookie by a confectionery and while eating the biscuits and sitting with friends, a police wagon approached the group.

The police asked Nathanial what was happening and thanks to his condition, he was unable to talk clearly.

Nathanial was then shot by a policeman .

When news of Julius’ death broke, the community staged a protest, calling for the officers involved within the shooting to be fired.

Well, Pearl Thusi on hearing the news of the young boy’s death took to her social media.

She said:

Boity Thulo also stated that the killer must pay for his crime.


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