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Lasizwe took to his twitter to point out his fans his new set of teeth.


He made this known through a video on twitter and it’s just like the star can’t just recover from his new teeth.

The Social media influencer has been self-conscious about his teeth just about his entire life but now, he was ready to get enough to urge the teeth done.

He revealed that it’s not been easy for him as he’s a documented personality and having only one flaw are often soul destroying.

It looks like a necessity to the star but to others, it’d be inevitable.

However, getting it done made him so happy that he had to share it to his fans.

Lasizwe revealed sometimes when he smile, he could see the reactions of individuals around him and it makes him feel very insecure and decided to figure on his teeth.

Getting his teeth fixed was something he had been eager to do for the longest time and now he has finally done it, he can smile more often now.

“So I have always been insecure about my teeth and how I smile for years now! Finally, I can afford to change my teeth and get the smile I’ve always wanted! Hard Work Pays off!” 

Furthermore, some of his fans felt there was nothing wrong with his teeth but they are still in support of whatever decision he is makes or decide to make.

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