AKA reacts to the murder of 16-year-old boy, Nathaniel Julius


AKA joins many South Africans in seeking justice for Nathaniel Julius, who was allegedly shot by a South African policeman from Eldorado Park police headquarters .

The 16-year-old boy was said to possess mongolism and his family have also cried out on seeking justice for his or her son.

According to The Citizen News, he was eating near a truck when he was killed by a South African policeman . The officer threw him in his van took him to the hospital where he lied and said Julius was during a rumble . He was unarmed.

AKA took to Instagram and expressed empathy, especially to the family which will still grieve, even after all forgets about the difficulty .

“WHAT EXPLANATION IS THERE FOR KILLING THIS CHILD IN COLD BLOOD, IN THE STREET LIKE HIS LIFE IS WORTH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? WHAT THREAT COULD HE POSSIBLY HAVE POSED TO A GROWN POLICEMAN WITH A FUCKING GUN?!?! @sapoliceservice_za YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THESE LIVES, NOT TAKE THEM AWAY. God Bless Nathaniel Julius and his family.  The worst part is, we all know there will be zero accountability. So after all the hashtags are done and people move onto the next story, they are the ones who have to live with their child being taken away from them. We will not be there with them, but I pray that God will. This is crazy man. R.I.P ” the rapper captioned post.



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