Melanie Bala defend the banning of alcohol for drivers

Melanie Bala

This is coming after Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula recently proposed changes to the drinking of alcohol by drivers to ‘Zero’.

However, tons of individuals against this concept stating it’s too strict.

Melanie Bala stated that it’s really an honest idea and really necessary to make sure drivers don’t drink a drop of alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Recall, since the lockdown, there has been a ban of alcohol and it’s really helped tons as accidents has reduced on the high way.

Reacting to the present , the star believes such changes should be put in situ .

“Absolutely no alcohol are going to be allowed in your system as a driver. That’s the plan. i feel it’s necessary. Enough is enough,” Melanie said.

Many opposed the plan stating it might not be effective most especially with the fact that traffic officers accepts bribes.

Melanie said it is the duty of the government to make sure such proposal is implemented and it would go a long way in helping people.

In conclusion, she gave an example of Germany that immediately any driver is caught drunk on the wheel will definitely face the consequence.

She said. “In Germany, if you’re caught drunk driving your licence is cancelled for two years. And it’s an estimated R100,000 to get your licence again. I don’t agree with the last part, but if government did their job there would be fewer drunk drivers on roads.”

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