Khanyi Mbau reveals the challenges she faced during the lockdown

Khanyi Mbau
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South African actress, Khanyi Mbau has decided to open abreast of how the pandemic really hit her hard.

Recall, the planet has been on nationwide lockdown thanks to Covid-19 and lots of people have begin to mention how it’s really been difficult to form ends meet.

During the lockdown, some lost their loved ones while some lost their jobs and every one .

Khanyi revealed that even with the extent 2 of the lockdown, it’s still been difficult to urge money and she or he feels there won’t be any chance to urge a correct income this year.

Furthermore, the star who began her alcohol brand two years ago revealed that it’s been easy to form sales after the ban of alcohol sales.

She said she had purchased everything during the lockdown because it seems she won’t be ready to make sales just like the way she wanted.

According to her, the ban of alcohol and therefore the closure of the entertainment left her during a tight space.

The actress also revealed that a number of her friends within the industry find it really hard to feed and cloth themselves and every one that they had to try to to is to maneuver back to their parents’ or with their siblings.

It got really hard for a few of them that that they had to place celebrity life aside and plead with their families to assist them keep food on their table.

She said: “It has affected me mentally, financially and spiritually. it’s been such a challenging and difficult time on behalf of me . it’s made things hard on behalf of me in terms of my career and with my gin. I couldn’t sell or advertise my alcohol. It meant no income for the remainder of the year.”

Khanyi hit back at the argument that SA may have a “drinking problem”.

“Of course we are getting to have alcohol problems. in fact we are getting to become alcoholics. Guys, we are stuck reception , doing nothing, and therefore the only sort of escape we’ve is alcohol. We are stuck inside these four walls, we aren’t working. the sole thing you’ll do while watching a party on TV is have a dop.

“I doubt South Africans have a drinking problem because we might have seen the signs an extended time ago. The country was running perfectly fine before the lockdown. Now people are going overboard. we’d like to form sure people adhere to the principles and understand their choices impact people and jobs. that’s the conversation we should always be having rather than discouraging people from having a drink”.

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