@FOCALISTIC Speaks With Riky Rick On The Importance Of Education For Rappers


Focalistic Speaks With Riky Rick On The Importance Of Education For Rappers. ready to “> are you able to be a rapper and still be able to maintain your career without education? Foc answers.

Most rappers lose themselves within the light of success and fame to some extent where they forget how important it might be for them to urge educated. During a sit down with Riky Rick, Focalistic explained how he feels education for rappers can impact their careers positively.

“I thought i used to be smart until I sat down with @FOCALISTIC and he flexed these big words like “SELF-AGGRANDIZATION” hayi, ufundile boy,” wrote Riky.

What Foc had to mention is that : “There’s lessons to be learnt from getting to school. Learn something, take a course albeit you doing music take a course in Sound Engineering. on behalf of me there’s a particular stability, a standard sense you understand that things need a particular approach to figure out.”

Last the rapper made headlines he actually announced having his single KeStar.

“When I got my degree , I lost the paper and my mom was sad because she wanted to border it. Today… I gave her the gold plaque and she or he couldn’t be more happier Calling the entire fam! Dankie Ke Star! Lets go platinum, ” shared Focalistic.


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