Boity Thulo claps back to those that feel they will drag her to the mud without an honest reason

The star who is understood to always stay her lane begin of her shield when she is being stepped on.

She was dragged by a troll after she supported a press release made by Mihlali on her Instagram.

Mihlali who was accused of being a hoe for happening different dates with different men took to her Insta-story to inform men to prevent thinking that whatever opinion they need about women and the way they live their lives matter.

Boity didn’t know her retweet would land her into the mud .

A Twitter user thereafter decided to face Boity saying she shouldn’t return and forth with some men about what she feels is true for herself as a lady because there are men who don’t care to know .

She quickly responded saying: “They DGAF. Don’t let the roaches bring you right down to their level.”

Another tweep who could not mind his business decided to insult Boity for being 30-years-old and single.

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