Nasty C Responds To The Inclusion Of Kwesta On Lavita Nota’s Negative Rants

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Nasty C Responds To The Inclusion Of Kwesta On Lavita Nota’s Negative Rants. After releasing Zulu Man Nasty C received a mix of compliments and criticism.

One one that put an exceeded effort to the criticism was Lavida Nota who proclaimed to possess taught Nasty C the way to rap in Zulu.

Nasty C also gave out stinging replies to the person he mentioned as Madala who he said gives out “irrelevant” advise.

In the midst of the rant by Nota which began last week Friday, Kwesta’s name was thrown into the combination . The inclusion of Kwesta was thanks to the very fact he worked with Nota for a short time within the growth of his music career.

To make it worse Nota proclaimed to possess been the rationale Kwesta is that the artist he’s today. Nasty C came to the Ngud’ rapper’s defence by saying he’s a goat that worked hard to be where he’s . Basically dismissing Lavita’s statement.

“Kwesta may be a goat coz of what HE does, his own efforts… he’s the one doing the magic!! you jus sitting on his lap singing his name. Now u wanna act like you’ve done something. Nigga WHERE?!!???” Wrote Nasty c.

Kwesta made it clear that he not works with the person .

“Ekse.. i want everyone to understand that @lavidanota and that i not work together and haven’t been for a short time now. To people who are calling me trying to succeed in him, please contact him directly and to people who are calling him to succeed in me, please do an equivalent . Ta.”



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