Cici took to her social media to defend herself over those stating she edits her pictures.


Recall, the star welcomed her baby Dialo in May 2020 and ever since then, she kept his bully off the spotlight but she has finally revealed his face.

After parturition , she has been working really hard to urge her shape back but guess what, it really worked.

Cici took to social media to share her postpartum body transformation to her fans but a number of them aren’t buying it as they felt she edits them.

She however, decided to share the journey to pack up all the “Photoshop” comments that have landed on her social media.

Cici thanked her personal trainer and therefore the aesthetic clinic that were involved in making it possible for her.

She declared to her fans that she doesn’t edit her pictures.

Well, a number of her fans were really wondering how she was ready to get her body back so quickly

“Just wanted to share this really quick. The results are really satisfactory. this is often after four sessions of fat freeze and cavitation. many thanks for being hard on me during training to means my weight loss.”

“So y’all better know I’m not editing those pics . i feel I’m almost ready for my sculpting process,” she said.

Check the post below:


Check out her new body shape. She looks so stunning.




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