Wild Polio certification

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In 1996, the good African leader Mandela launched the Kick Polio Out of Africa campaign with Rotary International’s support, beginning a vision for a polio-free Africa. At the time, wild polio paralysed 75,000 children annually . to guard communities from this crippling disease, African leaders, doctors , volunteers, parents, global donors and organizations united to succeed in every child with polio vaccines.

On 25 August 2020, after four years without one case of untamed polio, the African region has been certified freed from wild poliovirus. Decades of extraordinary investment has paid off.

Yet, the work isn’t finished. These efforts must still prevent wild polio from returning and to finish all sorts of polio permanently – both in Africa and globally.

Certification of polio eradication is conducted on a regional basis. Each region can consider certification only when all countries in the area demonstrate the absence of wild poliovirus transmission for at least three consecutive years in the presence of certification standard surveillance.

In addition, all facilities holding wild poliovirus infectious and potentially infectious materials must have implemented bio-containment measures according to the Global action plan for laboratory containment of wild poliovirus (2003).

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