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Lady Zamar took to her Twitter handle to share her view on the Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The Gender Based Violence is one issue that has been happening for weeks now and it annoys most of the people as there hasn’t been an answer yet.

This is coming after the death of 1 20-year-old Kwasa, who was stabbed to death within the Eastern Cape allegedly by her boyfriend.

However, Lady Zamar revealed that ladies are vital in life because without them, there wouldn’t be men.

She stated that some are rulers and every one they need is to become someone in life but if their life is curtail , then they might not be ready to achieve it.

She went further to thank those men who has never lay their hands on any woman and also to those who fight alongside women to stop Gender Based Violence. 

However, she is not the only South African celebrity to talk on this issue as many of them voice out but nothing has been done.


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