Kwesta and wife, Yolanda reveal the gender of their unborn child

Rapper Kwesta and wife, Yolanda
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Rapper Kwesta and wife, Yolanda has finally revealed that they’re expecting a daughter .

This is coming after the duo told their fans they’re expecting another child.

However, Kwesta and his wife recently set social media ablaze with sizzling photos of themselves.

Well, they have decided to share the gender of the baby which will soon be joining their first daughter, Khai.

A few days ago Yolanda shared how Khai is involved in the preparations for her sibling and how protective she is off her mommy.

“She fusses over me, won’t let me strain myself and goes above and beyond. Her favorite thing to do is to pack her sibling’s clothes and to get the nursery ready,” wrote Yolanda.

In the video, Kwesta popped the black balon which was filled with pink petals after revealing the gender of the unborn child.

Watch video below:

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