#BBNaijaLocdown2020; Secret conversation between Ozo and Nengi

Ozo: Isn’t it high time you stopped trying to avoid me
Nengi: Who is trying to avoid you? me?
Ozo: Yes of course
Nengi:No I’m not avoiding you Ozo
Ozo:But you are and not just that. I noticed you always feel uncomfortable when I’m around you.
Nengi:Can we just change this topic
Ozo:No Nengi, I want an answer
Nengi:An answer for what exactly?
Ozo:Do you have feelings for me?
Nengi:(blushing) We are friends Ozo, just friends.
Ozo: Fuck the friendship shit, I already have Dora as a friend.
Ozo:Boo just look me in the eyes and tell me you have no feelings for me
Nengi:I have a boyfriend outside so my feelings doesn’t change anything.
Ozo: it does
Nengi: Ok I guess I will let you know the truth. Yes Ozo I do have feelings for you and that’s why I’m always trying to stay away from you because being close to you increases my feelings for you.
And this was how their conversation ended in my dreammad oooo
I’m obsessed swears
You guys should pray for me oooo
How I wish I can break my screen go in there and force these words out of Nengi’s mouth

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