Kelly Khumalo tells those calling her a murderer to ‘heal’

Kelly Khumalo
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Kelly Khumalo has decided to hit back at those calling her a “murderer”.This is coming after a lover called her a murderer and she or he felt she won’t hear the top of the difficulty after many still hold the assumption that she had something to try to to with the death of Senzo Meyiwa.

Well, the star has begin several times to inform people she has nothing to try to to with the death of Senzo but some still feel she is hiding something.

However, Kelly who is understood to always mind her business appears as if she couldn’t take any longer of the false claims leveled against her.

“It says tons about her, sad, bitter and miserable,” she said about the lady .

Now, she is facing all those that still believe she caused the death of Senzo to “heal”

“Heal. Seriously, heal. Don’t use me as a template of what’s not right in your personal life,” she said.

“My strength comes from my relationship with God, from knowing that God features a decide to prosper me and to not harm me. And also just from being grounded, with knowing who i’m ,” she said.

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