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The star who has been everywhere social media following different issues above all together with her ex-boyfriend, Vusi still came bent enlighten her fans on what they will do to realize tons .

The star who recently made a post stating she features a new king she bows down for caught the eye of her male followers who decided to shoot their shot at that moment and also asking her if they will be her new “Ben 10”.

Now, she is out here to teach her fans.

Zodwa stated that the sole way one are often a ‘Millionaire’ is by awakening and find something to try to to .

She said: “Wake up & do something each day that’s how you Become a Millioner“

However, most of her fans are wondering why she made such statement but they’re grateful to her as she is in a position to require them through.

Some even went ahead to go with her dressing as she looks really gorgeous within the post.

Reacting to the present , a number of them questioned her if that was what she did before she became who she is.

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