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It’s another black day in South Africa , and much of individuals have taken to social media to hunt justice for Kwasa.

Kwasa Zozo Lungalo, a 19 year old Wits student from Dutywa, Eastern Cape was found murdered.

She was allegedly stabbed 3 times by her ex boyfriend, who has now committed suicide.

The lass stood against GBV (Gender Based Violence) while she was alive.

Details about the girl has gone viral on social media, and her case has been trending, as many search for justice.

It’s been a repeated occurrence, as many young girls have suffered this same fate.

South Africans are uninterested in the standard campaign and protest, they need justice to be evident.

Wits University paid tribute during a statement shared on social media: “Kwasa Zozo Lugalo, a determined & driven young women, was murdered by a person she chose to not have a relationship with. Women are being murdered in shocking numbers by men in SA.We are uninterested in mourning the loss of the lives of girls . Rest in peace.”

Taking to Twitter, reactions be like:

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