fans shocks after seeing photo of Prince Kaybee on his old ride before fame

Prince Kaybee
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A year doesn’t pass without Prince Kaybee reflect on his old life before fame.

The rapper is hardworking and it’s evident that his hustle is paying off.

Taking to social media the house DJ shocks fans with a photograph of his old ride.

The star who is now a devotee of Mercedes Benz ride once drove a Golf, together with his photo boldly pasted on the car’s body.

Then he use to rock dreadlocks; watching the photo, he was pleased with what he has.

Kaybee also showed off the car he now rides together with his New Look .

“Lol i actually don’t know what i used to be doing with the face on a Golfi but it felt good at the time. Well on the proper it’s what it’s . Worked so hard, God Knows,” he captioned post.

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