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This incident happened on the primary day the alcohol ban was lifted in level 2 of the lockdown.

An eyewitness, Owen Lloyd, said he was travelling from Chamdor within the area when he noticed traffic was heavily protected .

“I drove through the traffic quite easily, and noticed everyone was parked on the side of the road.

“I searched the road and saw a SAB truck on its side. Everyone was looting it,” Lloyd explained.

He said beer “was pouring down the side” of the truck from broken bottles.

Lloyd however said he saw some companies security members on the scene of the incident but the gang overpowered them.

“Guys were running with cases of beer and enjoying their first day of lifted restrictions.”

Adrian Amod, Head of communications in Mogale City, said the SAB truck had “jackknifed” and crashed into three cars but cops have already been deployed to the scene.

“People started looting the truck, but members of our traffic department arrived on the scene. They brought everything in check and managed to stop the gang from further looting.”

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