Master KG’s music was already on the world’s radar before ‘Jerusalema’

Master KG
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The artist was already performing his music in Europe before the success of his blockbuster

With the worldwide acknowledgement and success, Master KG says he will still release more music for all his fans.

Jerusalema isn’t the primary track that has brought attention to the Limpopo musician and producer’s talent to the planet .

“The thing is, i used to be booked to perform in Europe beginning of this year before the pandemic. i used to be in France and Portugal, Lisbon, performing Skeleton Move and few other songs before Jerusalema. So i might definitely like to perform internationally again and to the fans everywhere the planet .”

“Due to the pandemic we had to carry back, hopefully, things recover . We wanted to offer a platform for artists in Limpopo except for now, i’m focused on the deluxe album.”

There is more music to return and he’s set to release more songs for the deluxe album for Jerusalema. He remains tight-lipped on the small print , but we will expect the new music just in time for the summer.

“We are performing on the deluxe album for October in partnership with Open Mic Productions and Warner Music Groups, who I signed with earlier this month. there’ll be more music added to the album.”

Warner Music is functioning with the artist for the international stage to assist his music travel the planet . His music has reached countries like Italy, France, America, Brazil, India and Chile, inspiring many various covers.

The impact of the song has also inspired many dance challenges. The success that has come at a young age for the musician and other people are taken all of sudden by his age of 24.


“A lot of individuals are surprised by my age, some people think i’m 30. It’s maybe the way I look, maybe also they see all the blessings from God and therefore the perception that success comes at a later age. People think things happen once you older but to be honest, unsure why this is often .”

This year has been very successful for the producer who was getting to host a festival show before the pandemic.


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