Manchester United football club broke AKA’s heart

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AKA could be a sport man if he didn’t fall under the show business .

The rapper loves football, but a die-hard fan of Manchester United football club.

On Sunday, 16th of August, Supa Mega cried out his eyes after Man-U lost the match to Sevilla with 2-1.

Meanwhile, the rap star with girlfriend, Nelli Tembe rocked the club’s jersey and were super excited before the match, not knowing what was about hitting them.

After the match, AKA disclosed that his club has made him cry thrice and he stated the three events that led thereto .

“I’ve only shed actual tears over United 3 times in my life … 2008 UCL final, Judgment Day of EPL Aguero … and tonight. These guys really hurt me,” he tweeted.

Supa Mega’s loyalty to Man-U is so evident, as he got the club tatted on his arm 2 years ago.

Other reactions from AKA on Sunday night be like:


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