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President Cyril Ramaphosa have said that a second wave of Covid-19 infections and therefore the reversal of regulatory relaxations might return if proper health precautions aren’t followed.

He made this known in his weekly newsletter published on Monday, 17 August 2020, hours before the country moves to level 2 of the lockdown.

The president said the main target should get on recovery from the pandemic.

“Although many restrictions are lifted, it doesn’t mean they’re going to not return should we experience a big rise in infections. This pandemic may be a matter of life and death. we’d like to adapt and that we got to be vigilant”, he said.

“Our economy and our society has suffered an excellent deal. As we return to economic activity across most industries – and work to repair the damage done – we’ve a responsibility to not let our guard down as individuals, employers, communities, families, professionals, workers and citizens”

Ramaphosa announced on Saturday, 15 August 2020, that the country would move to Level 2 of the lockdown on Monday midnight.

Almost all economic activities including the selling of liquor and tobacco are set to resume.

This was after series of consultations with health experts who presented facts that there had been a decline within the number of latest infections.

Ramaphosa, described the decline in cases as a symbol of hope for the country.

However, he said the lockdown lift means there’s an increased risk of transmission but healthy and safety precautions could curb this.

“We now got to manage this risk and make sure the gains we’ve made so far in containing the pandemic’s spread aren’t

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