Gail Mabalane slammed for wearing a Bikini

Gail Mabalane slammed for wearing a Bikini
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One got to be very careful with what you post above all if you’re a star as a number of the social media users aren’t smiling in the least .

However, they decided to face actress Gail Mabalane this point around.

The South African actress took to her social media to post a snap of her self not knowing she would tread on the toes of her followers.

In the post, the star was seen looking summer-ready during a floral bikini which left a bitter taste during a very conservative follower’s mouth.

She was reminiscing on the times before Coronavirus when getting to the beach was a thing that folks could do.

“Life before corona,” Gail wrote.

Many of her followers however, wrote beautiful comments under the post but regardless of how perfect it’s going to be, there would definitely be one bitter person.

One follower quoted a whole biblical verse that speaks of respecting your body because it’s a temple of God, which basically meant that she committed a sin for wearing a two-piece.

The star couldn’t resist as she asked the subsequent questioning if Jesus is that the one who doesn’t approve of wearing swimming apparel.

“Okay….so Jesus doesn’t approve of swim suits?” Mabalane wrote.

Gail skilled the judgment by serving an aesthetic clap back expressing how it took tons for her to regain the arrogance to wear swimwear again due to such comments, and she or he respects those that decide to not wear bikini’s however, she is content with herself.

“If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit I respect that…but i’m so secure in who I am” Gail responded.

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