7-year-old Nigerian boy who featured in Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’

Beyonce’s Black Is King album
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Beyonce’s Black Is King album has given tons of African celebrities the chance to figure closely with the star.

However, one among those that is fortune to figure with Beyonce may be a 7-year-old Nigerian boy named Folajomi Akinmurele.

The young boy has been recognized in Beyonce’s album and he played the role of Simba within the new release.

It was reported that the boy had first featured in Beyoncé’s 2019 music video for Spirit

Also, he featured in two other music videos.

The boy has actually made Nigeria and therefore the remainder of the planet proud.

It was his acting debut but he appeared to impress the renowned singer that she sought him out for her latest album.

In the story line, Akinmurele starred as a young Simba who is driven out of his home by Scar and must continue a journey of self-discovery.

The young boy beautifully portrayed his role of a young Simba at the beginning of his journey. He also featured in Don’t Jealous Me and Mood 4 Eva, which sees him wearing an equivalent clothes as Jay-Z while confidently rapping the lyrics.

Meanwhile, Akinmurele reveals on his Instagram bio that he’s ‘a kid who likes to act, loves sports and video games’.

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