Zodwa reveals she has slept with a prominent person Watch the full interview

Zodwa Wabantu
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Zodwa Wabantu continues to trend on social media on different reasons but this point around, she isn’t replying a troll, or talking about her ex but to reveal she has slept with a well-liked celebrity.

Zodwa who is understood to not be secretive has been responding to some very difficult questions recently and it’s raised many eyebrows.

Recetntly, the star stated that she prefers dating younger men and she or he doesn’t feel they’re using her because she loved them

Now, she is in news after she revealed she has slept with a prominent person.

Zodwa publicly shot her shot at fan favorite, Ntobeko Shishi from Gomora and was later called a predator who preys on young men.

However, Zodwa didn’t care very much like she makes a advance Ntobeko and therefore the two are texting one another on the down-low.

Proving that they’re lecture one another within the DM

Zodwa said, “We speak via DMs.”

However, the entertainer isn’t trying to find anything solid at the instant as she said she just wants to possess some fun with Ntobeko.

Speaking on why she prefers them young, Zodwa mentioned ex Mandla Mthembu and said “I don’t want an old man that’s getting to inquire from me to scrub their clothes for them and cook for them. they’re then getting to want to beat me up and cheat me. Don’t forget that I once dated Mandla Mthembu so I don’t want to be controlled or managed,” she said.

Zodwa revealed quite she actually was alleged to when she claimed that she has slept with a well known artist, Thabo Mabogwane from Black Motion.

Watch the full interview below:

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