Find yourself before signing any big contract – Gemini Major to other artists

Gemini Major
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Award winning and Multi-Platinum Record Producer, Gemini Major gave other artists some words of advice .

Taking to social media, the star says some artists work struggling when signed to a label, because they don’t take time finding themselves before signing into such label.

“For some artists, It takes a very while to hunt out yourself musically, thereupon being said please wait until you’re doing to sign any big contracts, Otherwise this thing are getting to be no different than 9-5,The pressure coming from a label is hella different.”

The music producer further explained that, plenty of talents are buried because of decisions made. He doesn’t condemn getting signed under a label, but one should watch it and acquire his or her arts together.

“A lot of talent is being buried in meetings and boardrooms, Just plenty of wrong creative decisions being made for you ,Nothing wrong with getting signed,But please get your art together before doing so .Its not debate that the support from a label could unlock your full potential,” Gemini added.

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