Drake drops ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ music video Fans Reaction

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Rapper Drake has finally dropped the long awaited music video for his single, Laugh Now Cry Later.

The rapper, however, took to his twitter handle to form the announcement this morning and since then, it’s been the talk about the town.

Drake features Lil Durk within the blockbuster .

His fans took to the comment section to share their feelings because it has been a trend on twitter after the video dropped.

However, it’s been gathered that Drake’s tweet has been retweeted over 16.5k times and received 40.43k .

Below are some of the comments from his fans.

@JefferyxBball commented: “My hood already bumpin it down the skreets.”

@miggycox wrote: “Nice. This sounds like every goddamned  Drake song for the past 10 years. Same tired flow. Same beat. Same scheme. Same lazy delivery all around. Might be time to switch it up, bro.

@jpabs said: “This is it right here, an absolute jam.

@natealyn commented: “Thank you for this gem.”

@CelticsIn2 wrote: “Drake is getting closer to Michael Jackson each drop and y’all don’t want to admit it.” 

Watch video below:

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