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Mercy had made a press release which seemed to have degrade those that watch Big Brother Naija.

In a video yesterday, she had stated that she is just too busy to observe Big Brother Naija, adding that she has things to try to to , not like those that stay home all day watching the show.

Fans who were angered by her statement called her out and asked if she means those that supported her when she was within the house were jobless.

Reacting, Mercy explained what she meant by her statement.

According to her, she was talking to those that were giving her grief for not choosing one among the present housemates to support.

She wrote: “I was lecture those that were tarnishing my image on Twitter because i made a decision to remain neutral. i really like all housemate equally, and everybody knows I’m a thankful person. Your narrative will never change my personality.”

She added: “For those that already knew that the clip was edited short with none shalaye many thanks for knowing me.”

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