Nnamdi Kanu has ordered the immediate release of Igbo men arrested by Imo Police.

Nnamdi Kanu
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News Nigeria understands that following the Coronavirus Virus Pandemic, Imo government has arrested and detained some groups of young men for violating its Curfew Rules.

Reacting to the arrest, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has blasted Imo government and therefore the Commissioner of Police for detaining the young men without detaining the Fulani group that also violated the Lockdown rules by entering the state during a trailer.

In a statement he signed, Kanu wrote: “WE can pretend all we like, we will feign ignorance of Fulani vindictive and lopsided governance till thy kingdom come, one thing we cannot shake is payback and retribution.”

“Can somebody please explain to me why a group of young Igbo men socializing and peacefully going about their business in their own home state on Sunday will be arrested, humiliated, tortured and detained by Fulani army & police officers while Fulani youths in hundreds of Dangote trucks trooping down to the east, having defied interstate lockdowns and curfews are treated like VIPs and given a police escort to their destinations? The UK in Nigeria hope you are watching and documenting what the monster Nigerian Police Force you created are doing.”

“I want to ask the Imo State Police Commissioner and his Police Public Relations Officer Orlando Ikeokwu how many trailer load of curfew defying Fulanis they have so far arrested in Imo State? This level of humiliation cannot be allowed to continue. “

“Apologists for Nigga-area and their collaborators like Imo State Commissioner for Police MUST be held accountable at the right time and that time is fast approaching.”

Imo State Police Command must without hesitation release all those they arrested in Ugwuta, Imo State on Sunday. Zoo animals everywhere!” the statement added.

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