Nasty C finally revealed the identity of Nasty C girlfriend to the world

Nasty C
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Media outlets can be requesting to such an extent that building solid connections turns into a hard thing to accomplish. The Hollywood diversion scene has demonstrated how troublesome it is for a VIP to have a practiced sentimental relationship. Is that the case with the South African industry? Possibly the subtleties of Nasty C sweetheart could feature the issue.

A few famous people decided to get their accomplices far from the spotlight. In Nasty C’s case, he chose not to divert his darling or uncover her before the perfect time. Rather, he dropped indications about their relationship in hits like Send Me Away (SMA), Mrs Me, and Everything. At the point when the delegated opportunity arrived, Nasty C at last uncovered the personality of Nasty C sweetheart to the world. Who is this woman who has constantly been strong of the craftsman?

Frightful C sweetheart

While on visit in Kenya in 2018, Nasty C referenced that Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni offers passionate help all through his music profession. On 27th April, he posted an image of a young lady on his Instagram account, wishing her a cheerful birthday. In the birthday message, he admitted his affection for the young lady whose name is Sammie. Is Beatrice and Sammie very much the same?

What we make certain of is that Nasty C’s better half has been close by since he was simply Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo. The two praised their seventh year together on the sixteenth November 2019. In SMA he expresses that Sammie was with him when he was attempting to make sense of things. In any case, most fans just authoritatively found out about Sammie this year, and once in a while would you locate the two posting each other’s photographs everywhere throughout the online life. Here are some intriguing realities about Sammie.

Sammie is the rapper’s secondary school darling


According to Nasty C, the two met while at Nuz Junior High School. At the time, he was in grade 8 while Sammie was in grade 7. The two became an item when Nasty C was in grade 9 and Sammie was only 15. By now, you are probably wondering how old is Nasty C. The award-winning rapper turned 23 years old on 11th February 2020.


The rapper introduced Sammie after she had completed high school  


In an interview with Tshisha Live, the rapper revealed that he waited until Sammie was through with high school before exposing her. He also stated that he did not want the fame and limelight to distract Sammie. Nonetheless, Sammie seems to be adjusting well to this new life.

The artist’s love story has inspired his lyrics  

We know about Nasty C’s girlfriend that she has been the subjects of his songs. In SMA, the rapper details their relationship journey, including the struggles along the way. From the look of things, Sammie has played a pivotal role in his life. Before the rapper releases any song centred on their relationship, he consults his girlfriend, apart from Bad Hair that made Sam somehow upset.


Sammie can sing  


They say beauty is the eyes of the beholder and we say Sammie appeals to even the non-beholders. She gets her good genes from her gorgeous mother. Does Nasty C have a child? Image:, @sammieheavens Source: UGC In May 2018, the award-winning artist announced that he was expecting twins. Further, he asked his fans to suggest names for the twins.

The twins arrived on the 6th July 2018, and the talented rapper named them Strings and Blings. No, Strings and Blings are not children, but it is the name of his sophomore album. Nasty C house and Nasty C car may be a measure of his success till now, but the details in his journey make it all worth it.

People like Nasty C girlfriend have contributed to his growth this far, showing the importance of a good support system in life. We wish the couple all the best in their relationship.

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