BoomAfrica: All you need to know about BoomAfrica

All you need to know about BoomAfrica

During the lockdown, we created an expansion into various African countries as there was a heavy demand for financial support from many Africans. Within one month, we have expanded deeply into Africa with the sole aim of reducing the financial load on Africans making it easy for many Africans to receive the much needed financial support.
We are BoomAfrica, we are proud of what we have done for Africans sofar and seeing what we have lined up, the prospects, new grounds to break, potentials to explore all over Africa, we gladly say BoomAfrica has and will bring deep solutions to the financial problems of Africans.

Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Mali, Congo and most recently, Nigeria are not exactly the best economies in the world but we have done a lot to improve the lives of millions from these Countries

Currently, the wonderful team at Boom Africa is making huge Expansion plans into the African countries taking the most hit from the pandemic, we seek to alleviate the negative effects Covid-19 has on both the economy of most African countries and the citizens. We value our continent, we value the black race, we value the financial freedom of Africans, hence BoomAfrica.

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